About Us

At AVENAZ Academics, our programs are constantly evolving but fun, learning, and 21st century skill building will always be the heart of what we do. Our passion for tech education will continue to grow alongside the expanding job market. Discover what’s new for 2014 at our campus.

We believe that teaching consists of much more than just the materials we provide and the curriculum we created. We currently use a mixture of workshops, exercises, projects, classroom break-out sessions and end of the week tests to help our students understand programming. The immersive environment, having expert teachers on hand all day, and pairing with other students are all key to our teaching process.

Programming is a practical skill, so you can’t learn it just by reading books or listening to lectures. Therefore, we encourage our students to spend up to 80% of their time writing code to get the experience they need to become junior web developers. While we start every day with a lecture or a workshop, most of the time the students pair with each other on practical exercises in the presence of experts.

We encourage our students to learn as efficiently as they can, which can mean doing a different exercise to the rest of the class. We also understand that each learner is different, and real life interaction enables us to tailor the explanation to individual student. So don’t be put off if you’ve already covered the basics, or if the technologies mentioned on this page mean nothing to you.

We also regularly invite industry expects to give talks to our students. It’s a great opportunity to learn from the practicing professionals and establish a personal contact with them.


We work year-round to refine our curriculum and bring you awesome new tech courses


AVENAZ is expanding its campus in various cities of pakistan. We aim to craft the talent of whole Pakistan


We have the most experienced faculty members in town. We also have a lot of people on-board as advisors.


  • Limited Students per Instructor: It’s our guarantee.
  • Experiential, project-based learning.
  • A focus on building 21st century skills including creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration.
  • We are always proactive. The entrepreneurial spirit lives on.
  • The Finest Tech-Savvy Staff: No Counselors-in-Training. Ever.
  • Free eBooks: Demystifying some of the coolest tech professions.